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A coin's value is determined to a great extent by the amount of circulation wear it exhibits, or in the case of new coins (mint state and proof condition), by how closely it resembles the "hypothetical perfect condition". Accurate grading is the key to good coin business whether buying or selling. At Grove we always strive to describe all coins as accurately as possible. We will never knowingly sell a defective coin without properly noting the defects.

We use the Sheldon Grading Scale, developed by Dr. William Sheldon, which uses a 70-point numerical scale to express a coin's present condition as it relates to its condition as originally minted.

Grove Coin has been in business for over forty years and we are well know for our conservative grading standards.

  • Perfect Uncirculated ..... MS70
  • Superb Gem Uncirculated ..... MS66, MS67
    ..... MS68, MS69
  • Gem Uncirculated ..... MS65
  • Choice Uncirculated ..... MS63 & MS64
  • Uncirculated ..... MS60
    ..... MS61 & MS62
  • Choice About Uncirculated ..... AU53
    ..... AU55 & AU58
  • About Uncirculated ..... AU50
  • Extremely Fine/AU ..... XF45
  • Extremely Fine ..... XF40
  • About Extremely Fine ..... VF35
  • Choice Very Fine ..... VF25 & VF30
  • Very Fine ..... VF20
  • Fine/Very Fine ..... F15
  • Fine ..... F12
  • Very Good/Fine ..... VG10
  • Very Good ..... VG08
  • Good ..... G04 & G06
  • About Good ..... AG03
  • Fair ..... FA02
  • Poor ..... PR01

List of abbreviations used

Grove Coin Company offers both "raw" (uncertified) and certified coins for sale. Most certified coins offered have been graded by either PCGS, NGC or ICG because of their high standards in determining grade and authentication. The raw coins offered are mostly in lower price catagories and those coin types not handled by the major certification services.

Coin and Currency Certification

Certification was pioneered by the ANA in about 1970. Since that time many "third party" grading companies have been established and it is important to the collector and investor to understand that these services vary in many respects, ie grading standards, fees, etc.

For collectors and investors, one of the key benefits to third party certification is a greater level of confidence in grade and authenticity. When you purchase a rare coin as an investment, it is important to know the grade of your coin, so that you can accurately assess its market value. You must consider that, while there are strict standards to which most numismatists adhere, coin grading is a subjective, and not exact process.